New: Sponsor a dog in the Puppy House – and support all their furry friends!

Help us to help Bali dogs and cats in need!

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with some Change 💰

We currently have 50+ furry tenants in the Puppy House. Unfortunately all of these guys don’t pay rent! 😝 …and they are also not planning to do so.

But as you can imagine, taking care of and feeding so many mouths every month comes with a lot of costs. Money that they don’t have. And this is where you come into play …

In order to keep the Puppy House running and to give every single one of the Pups the very best care possible, we urgently need YOUR help!

Become a monthly sponsor of the Puppy House (or one of the tenants) and help us to cover the expenses!

Your sponsorship will be used to cover the running costs of the Puppy House but also to cover costs for food and medical care.

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