It all started over 8 years ago when I found a tiny dumped puppy in a trash pile next to a local market here in Bali. My first Bali rescue…

From there it sort of snowballed… If you have ever been to Bali you probably saw the countless sick dogs on the streets and eventually things got a little out of hand and I just took in more and more sick dogs!

Once the (stray) dogs we pick up leave the clinic we take them home and rehabilitate them. Which means work on their fears, integrate them into our pack and show them how it is to live in a home. After that we try to find them the loving homes and families they deserve.

Eventually over time my privat home was filled with dogs, cats and tiny puppies but even though my sister and I were living with over 40 animals we still found more and more in need of love and care. We can’t say no, so we needed a better (housing) solution. 

For them but also for us (and our sanity)! 😂

A puppy house!

Through generous donations from you guys we managed to secure enough money for the first Bali Paws puppy house! A place where all our rescues can go for rehabilitation and experience love and care before we find them their forever homes.

Years later and we are still here! Doing what we are doing. We grew bigger, added more members to the team and found the perfect puppy house. All of this thanks to you and your support. Without you this would not be possible.

We are endlessly grateful for your help and please don’t hesitate to message us whenever you come to the island!

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Pak Kadek



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Without your generous donations, Bali Paws would not work. ❤️
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