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Let’s brighten up the(ir) future!🐾

….and add a Splash of Color to your life while making a meaningful impact on the lives of dogs in Bali and Lombok.

How you ask? 100% of all profits will go towards our new sterilisation & vaccination project. Our mission is to create a better future for our furry friends in Bali and Lombok and the best way to do so is by vaccinating, spaying and neutering. This prevents the spread of diseases, overpopulation and ultimately reduces the number of homeless and unwanted dogs.

So with every purchase you make, you’re helping to brighten up their future and create a more colorful world for all of them.

Bali Paws Children's Coloring Book

The Story of Ayu and Brownie – E-Book

We are finally starting our education project to break the cycle of misconception and maybe fear when it comes to dog. The idea behind it is to go from school to school with one or two dogs and tell the kids a little more about how to behave around dogs and what to look out for, also let them interact a bit with the dogs we are bringing and show them that dogs are friends.

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