Whats the best way for you to see what happens with your donation towards the puppy house?! Exactly! Come around and see for yourself!

Since traveling to Bali might not be an option for all of you, we came up with the Puppy House Stream! A live stream that gives you a glimpse of what the pups are up to every day and every minute of the week.

Welcome to the Puppy House Stream – your window to the madness! 😹
Thank you so much for supporting our cause. Without your help this would not be possible!

– Desy & The Puppy House Team

How it works


Create your membership account (see below) and subscribe to the Puppy House Stream


Process the payment via PayPal


Done! You can now watch the live stream of the puppy house whenever you want to. Thank you so much for your support!


Hey guys, as you may know already, we’ve moved to a new Puppy House. We still have some issues with setting up the new Puppy House Stream. Please be patient, we’ll be back soon. 🙂

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