Hey, I'm Woody

Nice to meet you, I’m Woody! I love acting and method acting is my specialty. My acting skills come in handy when I want something, usually cuddles or treats. Let’s say I can put on a really convincing performance to get what I want.

One of my favorite acts is playing injured. Whenever I want some attention, I’ll start limping as if I’m hurt. People always rush over to check on me and I’ll suddenly spring back to life, wagging my tail. It’s hiliarious!

But despite my talent, my acting career isn’t going as well as I hoped. So until I become a famous actor and walk thru the red carpets of the world, the puppy house is the only stage I got. Could you help a poor artist like me to get thru the month and support me with some pocket money, please? woody starts limping


Woody's Story

Woody and his siblings were dumped next to a river close to my house. We took them in and they all lived happily in the puppy house.

Fast forward a little and all of his siblings found their forever homes while Woody is still living in the Puppy house #lastmanstanding Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pleasure to have him here but it’s time for him to find his forever person. He is the most chilled dog around. Woody is just perfect in every way.

But don’t let this tiny boy fool you. He is smart. Very smart. Whenever he wants more attention for example he plays dead or is suddenly “injured” which you can only cure by giving him cuddles (or treats). Aside from going for walkies and running around chasing his friends that’s his favorite thing in the world: Cuddles!
Woody is just easy. He gets along with every dog and every human he meets. If you are working, he will lay next to you and rest. If you want to go for a hike, he’ll join and explore the area by your side. He is the perfect little companion for whatever life(style) you have. As long as you cuddle him he is happy.

I love

Method acting, cuddles

I really don't like

Horror movies

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