Hey, I'm Wendy

Hi, I’m Wendy! My sister and I are way too young to understand the concept of Money. My currency is high fives, kisses and tail waggles. But unfortunately these don’t fill up my piggy bank. Can you help me please?

Wendy's Story

When we first met, Wendy was living on the street, together with her mum and her siblings. Just like every good mum, Wendy’s mum was very protective over her babies and we couldn’t get close to her straight away. Unfortunately one day when we were dropping food for the fam we noticed that one of her siblings got killed by a vehicle. Chances were high that Wendy and her sister Sunny would face the same fate if we don’t take them into safety straight away. Her mum Emma was still mourning the loss of her baby but surprisingly didn’t hesitate when we picked them all up and dropped them in the puppy house. And that’s that.

Ever since this little whirlwind is living life to the fullest. Running around chasing and Playing with her new friends and giving kisses and high fives to everyone who comes around for a visit. As if she never knew anything but happiness.

I love

High fives · My family · Tail waggles

I really don't like

Sound of the lawnmower

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