Hey, I'm Ubi

Hi, I’m Ubi. Not very long ago I used to live on the street, all by myself! Since I’m here in the puppy house I’ve never been alone and made
more friends than I can count on two paws.

Ubi's Story

This tiny boy was first spotted all alone on the road.

We assume somebody dumped him. First stop before his new life starts: vet check! Due to his skin condition he needed to stay there for some time but once he wasn’t contagious anymore he was finally ready to move to the puppy house.

Ubi is a little whirlwind and is thriving so much with all his new friends. Little does he know that THIS is just the beginning of what life has in store for him and we can’t wait for him to find his forever home.

But whatever happens, one thing is for sure: Ubi will never have to be lonely again

I love

Sitting on your lap

I really don't like


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