Hey, I'm Suki

Suki is not a man of many words, so here is what he wrote when we asked him to write something about himself and why he decided to work in the puppy house:

I love dogs.


I guess that sums it up pretty well, have to give him that 😅

Suki's Story

I hope Suki doesn’t read this because I’ll actually write nice things about him and I’m worried that if he reads it he will feel too good and slack when it comes to doing work he doesn’t like to do. Like cleaning for example. Or taking the trash out. Or washing the dog beds.

But I guess I’ll have to take the risk…
(Suki, if you read this: make sure you finish your daily check list!)

Suki is Zolis younger brother. He came from Java to Bali to live with Zoli and eventually find a job here on the island. During that time we were in urgent need of help in the Puppy house but couldn’t find somebody who didn’t just do the job for money but who actually really loved dogs. Until Suki came… the minute he stepped foot into the puppy house it was love at first sight. For Alice. Alice is a really traumatised dog whom nobody could even get close to but when she saw Suki she started wagging her tail and ran towards him as if she knew him from a past life. I have never seen something like this before. Spoiler alert: Suki adopted Alice and even saves money from his salary so he can spoil her with toys and things she enjoys.

His love for dogs and the love especially the very shy dogs have towards him is just incredible and makes up for all the times he is slacking on other things. Like being on time for example.

We are really lucky that our paths have crossed. His love and care for the dogs is just out of this world and I’ll never forget the dedication and loyalty in the hard times we were facing. This is where you truly learn about somebody’s character and hands down: Suki never failed us, but especially never failed the dogs. He is a true gem and we are so grateful to have him as part of the team.*
*even if he drives me nuts sometimes

But just like taking care of the pups, having Suki around comes with costs. Can you help us to cover his monthly salary?!

I love

Dogs, Cigarettes, Tattoos, Indomie, Arak

I really don't like

Being on time, Waking up early, Cleaning

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