Snowy is currently available for adoption, but until he finds his new forever home, you can still show him some love and virtually adopt him!

Your virtual adoption comes with an official Bali Paws virtual adoption certificate, making Snowy officially your dog here in Bali. To do so simply purchase one of our packages filled with gifts that Snowy will absolutely LOVE. Package 1 & 2 cover the basics, if you purchase Package 3, it would allow us to take him to the Twin Lakes Bali where he can run around, soak up the sun & play in the water!

Only one virtual adoption is available per dog – making Snowy completely yours to love remotely until he finds his new forever home!


Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

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Adoption Package

Package 1 (50€), Package 2 (75€), Package 3 (100€)

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