Hey, I'm Snappy

Hello there, human friend. My name is Snappy. Which is very misleading because I’m not snappy. Anymore at least. Life wasn’t always pawsome for me and I used to have no trust in people. I had been through tough times, and my heart was guarded.

But one day, something unexpected happened. Someone approached me and all I wanted to do was snap at them. But to my surprise, they had no intention of hurting me. Instead, they took me in their arms and carried me to a place where my broken leg could be fixed. And my broken heart too…

As I recovered, I started to realise that there might be more good-hearted people out there. I discovered that dogs like me don’t have to roam the streets alone. We can find a place filled with love, lots of new friends and happiness. Just like I’m experiencing in my current home. The puppy house.

But,…there’s a catch. This newfound happiness comes at a cost. It seems that in the human world cuddles and kisses are not accepted as payment for food. Can you believe it? I think showing gratitude through snuggles and kisses is the greatest form of thanks.

So here I am, my dear human friend, reaching out to you with a humble request. I really, really want to stay with my new friends in the puppy house. To make that possible, I need some kind humans to help me fill up my piggy bank. Could you spare a few coins and help me out please?

Your generosity will make a world of difference for me, as well as other dogs who long for a safe and warm place to call home. With your support, we can continue to experience the joys of companionship, belly rubs, and adventures together in the puppy house while waiting for our forever home.

Thank you for considering my plea, and may your heart be filled with as much warmth and happiness as you have brought to mine. Woof woof!

Snappy's Story

When we first spotted snappy he was.. snappy, very snappy. That didn’t change once at the vet. Due to his broken leg, he was in a lot of pain but you could also tell that the only experiences he had with humans were rather negative and he didn’t trust anyone. I visited him as often as possible to build that trust and show him that we humans can be “nice” too. Snappy continued to be snappy…until the day came where he finally let his snappy guard down and showed his true colors. Turns out Snappy is just the biggest snuggle bug! 🐛♥️

I love

Cuddles & kisses

I really don't like

being alone

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