Hey, I'm Romeo

Hello you, my name is Romeo. I haven’t read Shakespeare tragedy but I’ve experienced a few hardships myself already. First somebody dumped my mum and us on the street, then we moved to the puppy house and eventually got adopted by a family who I loved dearly. I thought that my life couldn’t get better but instead they dropped me back at the puppy house and never return to pick me up. I’ve tried to run away and find them but realized that they’ve just moved somewhere else without me.

So here I am, back in the puppy house.

But you know what’s so awesome about life here? I have lots and lots of friends and get as many belly rubs as I want, whenever I want 🥰

The only thing I’m lacking here: pocket money! So, here’s my little request: Can you be the one who helps to fill my piggy bank? By becoming my monthly sponsor, you’d be helping to make sure that I have food, care, and all the fun we have here while waiting for my true forever family ❤️

Romeo's Story

We found Romeo together with his mum and siblings close to a busy main road. We scooped them up and they started a new life in the puppy house. Romeo and his sister Izzy were the first ones to get adopted. Together! It was almost too good to be true… Well, fast forward about 1.5 years, and Romeo’s world turned upside down. His family messaged us, saying they were leaving the island and needed to return Romeo and Izzy into our care. They did so without much explanation or effort to find another solution. Initially, we thought there might be something wrong with Romeo, but that’s far from the truth. Just like Romeo in Shakespeare’s famous play this boy is full of passion, loyalty and unwavering love. But of course our boy needs a bit of time to get to know and trust someone before he pours out allll his affection. Once you’ve earned his trust, you’ll uncover a love story like no other.

I love

Cuddles, belly rubs & kisses

I really don't like

Rainy days

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