Hey, I'm Polly

Hi there, I’m Polly! Some call me Polly Pocket because I’m so small, I could fit into your Pocket. You see, life in the puppy house is fun and I love absolutely everything and everyone I meet but my heart is longing for a forever home and I can’t wait to find it.

But while I wait for that special family to come along, I’ve got this little piggy bank, and I’m hoping all you wonderful humans can help me fill it up. Your support will cover the costs of my cozy bed, yummy meals, and all the love and care I’m getting here.

If you can, please reach into your pocket, grab a few coins and help me out with a little ♥️

Polly's Story

Along came Polly🪆, the sweetest soul we found wandering the streets all alone. Just like so many females, Polly was probably unwanted and therefore dumped on the street. When we first spotted her she was running through traffic and almost got hit by several vehicles. Rescuing dogs on rather busy roads is often rather challenging and dangerous. But not in Polly’s case! Picking up Polly was a walk in the park and very easy. „Easy“ pretty much sums up her personality. Polly is an easy-going and confident bundle of love and makes human and dog friends wherever she goes. She loves snuggles, wrestling with her friends and FOOOOD! Even though I’m slightly obsessed with Polly (Pocket), it’s time for her to find a forever home where she gets all the love and care she deserves 🏡 If you’re ready to open your heart and home to this little furry angel and want more informations, send us a Message. Let’s make Polly’s journey from the streets to a warm, loving home a reality. 🐾❤️

I love

Wrestling with my friends

I really don't like


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