Hey, I'm Lexy

Oh boy, oh boy! Rain, ocean, pool, puddles – I love ’em all! There’s just something about water that gets me so excited. Whether it’s the thrill of chasing waves at the beach, or the joy of splashing around in a puddle, I can’t get enough of it. And don’t even get me started on swimming – I could do that all day!

You know what I love almost as much as water? Treats! And I heard that you can earn money by doing chores. I’m pretty good at cleaning up spilled food and toys, and I’m a pro at cuddling if you ever need some comfort. If you could pay me for my hard work and fill up my piggy bank, I’d be forever grateful.

Lexy's Story

Bambi&Lexy ☯️ #doubletrouble

Ok, that’s actually not true. They are NO trouble and just the sweetest girls around. I know it’s harder to find a home for them together but there is no way we can separate these two. Wherever there is Bambi there is Lexy.

Aside from the day I found Bambi. She was walking by alone on a street in the rice paddies. I looked around that day but didn’t see a second dog. Yet something in me told me to double check and I went back the next day. And there was Lexy! Laying by herself in the rice paddy.

I scooped her up and took her home to reunite her with her sibling. And ever since they haven’t left each others side. Not because they are scared without each other, in fact they are very confident but they just love each others company. Fair enough, I do too. And so does everyone who meets them! Ever since they moved into my home they have brought so much fun and joy to this house! If my other dogs could speak they would agree with what I’m writing here 😂

The truth is: raising puppies is never „just easy“ but with them things are different. For example: Potty training took two days and they went all the way into the garden by themselves even in the pouring rain. And that was that. Talking about rain… Lexy looooooves water! Anything from oceans to puddles. Bambi on the other hand likes it more cozy and loves body contact. And pillows 😂 maybe that’s also a reasons why she sneaks under your shirt for a nap. There is so much I could write about these lovebirds but just check out the videos and you can tell straight away how their characters are! Simply adorable!

I love

Rain, Ocean, Pool, Puddles

I really don't like

There is nothing I dislike

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