Hey, I'm Kevin

Hey! I’m Kevin. I used to roam the streets all by myself, but now I’m part of the puppy house family and almost forgot what it feels like to be alone. The only thing that still reminds of my time on the road: My legs! They are deformed from malnourishment so the doctors had to wrap them up in bandages.

I wanted to talk to you about something important…We get all the love here for free but unfortunately everything else costs money. So I wanted to ask, if you can become my monthly sponsor and help me to get back on my paws? Your support can help to cover my food and vet bills and would make a big difference for a little guy like me. ❤️

Kevin's Story

We found Kevin in the middle of nowhere. All by himself. I truly don’t know how he managed to survive since his legs were so deformed that it was hard for him to walk, let alone to go searching for food and water.

We scooped him up and after spending a few nights at the clinic, Kevin moved to the puppy house and made lots of friends straight away. His legs were so deformed from malnourishment that he currently still needs to get them wrapped up in bandages but hopefully with good nutrition he’ll be able to fully recover one day. Once that happens, little Kevin is ready to find his forever home where he gets all the love and care for the rest of his life. Step by step ♥️

I love

Balls and cuddles

I really don't like

Thunder ⚡️

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