Hey, I'm Izzy

Hello there, I’m Izzy! Me and my brother Romeo were once part of a family, but they made the decision to leave us back at the puppy house. At first, I blamed myself and tried to find my way back to our old home, only to discover that they had moved on without us. It shattered my little heart.

As time has passed, I’ve come to love the life I have in the puppy house. Yet deep down, I still yearn for a forever home to call my own. But I’m hopeful that this will happen soon. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy myself here in the puppy house together with allll my friends. We are like a big family and I’m never alone.

The only downside of living in the puppy house: I have to take care of my own expenses…

You see, I may have mastered the art of snuggling, but they told me I can’t pay the bills that way. So, I’m reaching out to you, asking if you could become a part of our extended family and support me with a monthly donation to fill up my belly.

If you ever come to visit us in the puppy house, promise I’ll pay you back with looooots of snuggles and kisses!


Thank you for helping me ❤️

Izzy's Story

We found Izzy together with her mum and her 4 siblings close to a very busy main road. Way too dangerous for tiny babies so we scooped the entire fam up and they all moved to the puppy house where they patiently waited for their forever homes. Izzy and her brother Romeo were the first who got adopted! Together! Their new fam seemed absolutely lovely and we couldn’t be happier for them. But all that glitter wasn’t gold 🍯 Unfortunately almost 1,5 years later Izzy’s happy family life came to an end. I received a message from their family saying that they are leaving the island in a few days and wanted to return Izzy and her brother Romeo to the puppy house. And that’s exactly what they did. Well, one of their employees did. He brought them back and that was that. I have a very soft spot for Izzy. Not only because I feel so sorry that her ex family gave her up but also because she is one of the most amazing pups I’ve ever met. She’s is just stunning! And I’m not even talking about the way she looks. Everyone who meets her gets showered with love and affection. And despite her being fairly new in the puppy house, she welcomes every newcomer like a big sister and tries her best to make them feel comfort. It’s just the cutest thing 🥹 But as much as everyone loves having sweet Izzy around, we still failed to find her the happily ever after we promised her! Time to change that and give Izzy the fairy-tale ending she deserves!🥰 If you are looking for a pup that’s all about love, play and cuddles reach out to us and let’s find out if you two are a perfect match ♥️

I love

Snuggles and playing in the water

I really don't like


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