Hey, I'm Flippy

Hello there, I’m Flippy! My siblings and I never had the chance to meet our mom, but I was told that one day I’d have a loving family. For now, I’m living in the puppy house, surrounded by allllll my friends. And annoying siblings.

You know what’s even more annoying than my siblings? It’s the cost of staying here!

And sadly, I don’t have any money….

I had dreams of performing backflips in the city center to earn a few bucks, but I wasn’t allowed to do that. They said it’s too dangerous…

So, my only hope now is you! Can you help make my heart skip a beat by donating just a few coins to support me until I find a new mum?

Flippy's Story

If you’ve followed for a while, you probably know her story but if not, let me tell you again how we found Flippy and her siblings. Flippy and her siblings were just a few days old when they were abandoned on the side of the road, right next to a pile of garbage. It was heartbreaking. Like truly heartbreaking… They still had bits of their umbilical cord on their tiny bellies and deep wounds, filled with thousands of tiny maggots. The poor little things were in pain, crying for their mother. Again: just heartbreaking Back then we were in a remote area with no help nearby, so Flippy and her siblings had to go on a loooong journey to see a vet. Sadly, one of her siblings didn’t make it, and even though I tried to stay hopeful, I wasn’t sure the others would reach the vet in time. And even if they did, the chances of survival seemed very small. But you have to try! And I’m glad we did, because these little fighters didn’t give up and beat the odds. If you see Flippy now, you wouldn’t notice that she had such a difficult past. Flippy is such a ray of sunshine and loves everyone she meets. She also has a super power: she can do backflips and I’ve never seen a dog who can jump as high as her 🐬 Side note: Thankfully she doesn’t use her superpower to sneak out of the puppy house but instead she is patiently waiting in there until she finds her forever home. If you are looking for an addition for your family and want to know more about Flippy, message us

I love

Jumping as high as I can and snuggling

I really don't like

When my sister steals the toy I’m playing with

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