Hey, I'm Babs

Unlike her brother Snowy, Babs is a little shy when it comes to people. Especially when it comes to asking people for a few bucks.
Therefore we have to do it for her – and ask you for help! Can you spare a little something and fill up her monthly piggy bank?!

Babs's Story

This girl is surprisingly unphotogenic and surprisingly playful with other dogs. Yet there is something that’s holding her back when it comes to trusting people.

No wonder, we don’t know exactly what happened but it seems like she was dumped and together with some other (dumped) dogs she formed a family and found shelter at a garage. The people living there didn’t want her and her new found fam to be around so eventually she moved to the puppy house.

Babs is very sweet and hasn’t anything aggressiv in her but she needs time. Time to trust you and time to show her true colors.

Even though she is timid her love for cuddles is greater than those fears and she gives in the moment you snuggle her.

I love

Chewing toys & cuddles

I really don't like

Thunder & lightning · Standing in front of the camera

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